BastThe wonderful Romagna countryside is just a walk or bike ride away, and you can enjoy the lovely views and the fragrance of the pine forest.
Spend your holiday in Misano Adriatico and indulge in the infinite pleasures the town has to
offer. The many equipped beaches along this lovely part of the Italian Riviera coast offer all kinds of services, from hiring beach sun shades and deckchairs, cabins and pedal-boats to special play areas for children. Young people and adults can choose from a Wide range of sport activities: beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis and even gyms with personal trainers. When the sun goes down, Misano Adriatica wakes up to its spectacular night life. Dance the night away in the famous Riccione discos of Cocorico and Pascia; this is where the best DJ s set fashion.
But the town offers much more than discos and night ilffil there are two great water theme parks, Oltrernare and Aquafan, and miniature golf, diving schools, sailing courses, kitesurfing and jet skiing are just a few of the activities this greatplace offers. When you have had enough of sea and sun, Misano’s main shopping area with its boutiques and souvenir shops beckons. The town’s C squares and pedestrian areas are a lovely backdrop to all sorts of evening entertainment, from concerts to buskers, and are a great excuse to spend time with your friends. Misano’s discos and nightclubs are famous all over Italy, and famous Djs perform every weekend. The best-known clubs are Cocorico, Byblos and Peter Pan.

Click here for a list of discos and clubs in Misano and the Rornagna Riviera.

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